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  1. lavanya says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am regular reader of Jantha madyam. It is very glad that a local paper is launched in website and people from Hassan where ever they are in the world can know what is happening in the city.
    But today after reading article of kannada sahethya pareshta election article, I felt unfortunate that even that small election are getting so much of hype. As last week I was happened to be in Hassan I also got some information about the election as place I visited family was member of this parishath.
    I some who feel that the information written in the paper is half and it is not giving the complete story.
    Being a media it’s your responsibility to give awareness to people about the reality of the candidates, so that members can take right decision.
    It is open secret that which candidate is conducting drink party very day in all taluk and even for women voters he has organized the party (get-together).
    So be transparent in your reporting so people can trust your paper.
    As I was brought up in Hassan very day my day use to start with this paper and till today with the E-paper. I hope you have taken my commits positively. My intension is not to point out any body its only that I want our district image outside to be good.


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